Permanent links with phpMyFAQ multilingual

Working with phpMyFAQ and multi-language I found that it is not trivial to generate permanent links. If the mod_rewrite is activated, the links are like these ones:ídeo-no-preparado-para-adsense.html But if you visit them, maybe (if your language browser is Spanish or English) one of them works. After looking a little bit through the code, […]

App Store reviews

Today I needed to get the reviews of an iOS app from all the countries. At the Apple developer platform there is a place where you can get this information, but you must login to access it and follow lot of links to arrive. As I would like to have a place where you can […]

Knowledge base System (FAQ)

For the project I needed to add a FAQ  section. First I though to add static pages for the FAQ, but after starting adding the page I though to restate the problem. I have done some research and I came across phpMyFAQ. It is a system that provides a ready-to-use FAQ platform. The installation […]

New website

I’ve decided to restructure my website, the biggest change is that I’ve added a blog where I’ll (try) to write post periodically. Apart from that, I’ve changed the internal structure. Before it was a custom site (written in PHP) and now I’m using a CMS (a WordPress) with a pre-build design template. The old site […]