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  • STAlertView – UIAlertView with blocks

    STAlertView – UIAlertView with blocks

    While developing an iOS app, usually you have to show an alert view. The code to show it is very simple, but as most of the UKit components, it works with the delegate pattern. Working with delegates is easy, but the resulting code is split between two parts. The part where the component is initialized, […]

  • Push notifications iOS8

    Push management on iOS8 To migrate an app that uses push notifications from iOS7 to iOS8, you must change some methods. Register the app to receive push The method registerForRemoteNotificationTypes has been deprecated, and now you must use registerUserNotificationSettings. To have compatibility with both versions you can use this code: Check if the user has […]

  • Conversion rate

    Conversion rate

    Improve the number of users that visit your platform store app page and download your app. Usually while promoting a mobile app, we focus on getting people go to the platform market (App store or Google Play, for instance). We try to maximize the users that click links to the stores to improve the number […]

  • App Store reviews

    Today I needed to get the reviews of an iOS app from all the countries. At the Apple developer platform there is a place where you can get this information, but you must login to access it and follow lot of links to arrive. As I would like to have a place where you can […]

  • Interview App Annie’s CEO

    App Annie is one of the largest mobile market analyser company. Here you can see an very interesting interview that TechCrunch have done to the App Annie’s CEO: