DIY: GoPro tripod support

A tripod mount for the GoPro can be bought from the official website or from a lot different websites. But you can also make one yourself, it’s very easy!

Material you need: IMG_0578
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Saw
  • Pencil
  • Wood drill bit (6 mm)
  • Wood sandpaper
  • Rasp
1. If your piece of wood is larger than 50mm x 35mm, cut it to fit this size.
2. Using the GoPro mount, draw with the pencil the shape of the mount over the wood. IMG_0579IMG_0580
3. Using the saw and the rasp, cut the shape of the mount. And make it smooth with the sandpaper.4. Mark the center of the wood and make a hole with the 6 mm drill bit. IMG_0587IMG_0588
5. Place the tripod nut in the hole using the hammer. You can make bigger the hole to fit the nut with the rasp or any other tool. With the hammer, hit heavily the nut,
Important: avoid to make the hole as large as the nut, it must be smaller. You can make it a little bigger to make easier to fit the nut with the hammer. But the nut MUST not be able to fit inside easily (the GoPro won’t stay above the tripod in that case). IMG_0590 IMG_0591
6. Put the GoPro mount at the opposite side of the tripod nut. IMG_0593
Using the same method you can build other type of supports. For example, I’ve done one with a screw to attach the GoPro to a lot of different surfaces.


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