Gavi the Trovit mascot

Have you ever tried to make your own? It’s a little bit difficult, but it is very fun and grateful.

Last week with my team at Trovit we have created a mascot for our team. It is Gavi:GaviAs we have a vector file with it, I’ve modified it a little bit to build the teddy.

Parts of Gavi

Then I’ve printed it and cut with a scissor.

Then I marked the fabric in the shape of the different parts of Gavi.

With a scissor I cut the fabric leaving a margin to be able to sew the parts.

With some nails I fixed the two parts together and saw them.



After saw all the parts, I turned it inside out and fill it with cushion filler.


After drawing with a pen the eyes and some details, I saw together all the parts.

The final result is:


About Néstor Malet
I’m a web and iOS developer. I like to start projects, personal ones, with friends or at work.


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