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For the project I needed to add a FAQ  section. First I though to add static pages for the FAQ, but after starting adding the page I though to restate the problem.

I have done some research and I came across phpMyFAQ. It is a system that provides a ready-to-use FAQ platform.

The installation was very easy, but I had some troubles at the moment of the first login (if you install it, don’t use an email as a login user :P).

My first impression about the software was “what a chaos”. But after some configurations, and filling it with some content. Now I’m very happy with this system. My best improvement has been to change the theme to Spacelab.

If you are asking yourself “why do you need a software for a FAQ?”, I would say you that, the time you should spend to build a custom FAQ system is far longer than if you use a system like phpMyFAQ.

This software provides  you with  the storage management, a category system, tag related topics, search functions,… If you develop it as yourself, you will probably build an static page with some Questions an Answers. And this is not the better way to provide help to the users.

You can see the FAQ of at Now I’m working to set as the domain

My next task will  be to set a Ticket system for the support of

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