Permanent links with phpMyFAQ multilingual


Working with phpMyFAQ and multi-language I found that it is not trivial to generate permanent links.

If the mod_rewrite is activated, the links are like these ones:ídeo-no-preparado-para-adsense.html

But if you visit them, maybe (if your language browser is Spanish or English) one of them works.

After looking a little bit through the code, I found that for the GET  requests, you can get the parameter “lang”. For other types of requests the name of the parameter is different.

So after adding the parameter to the end, these links work correctly:ídeo-no-preparado-para-adsense.html?lang=es


PS. I don’t know why, when you are logged the permanent links don’t work. But without login they work correctly, and that is the important fact.

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